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Written by R∴W∴Bruce Testut, Chairman


The New Campaign is under way and everyone has had a chance to see what the Donation Insert looks like, Thanks to The Grand Masters Appeal letter that went out at the end of August.  The Fund is a Charity arm of the Fraternity and we have helped to raise money to help many Brothers and families in need. The Seminars have been set up and started and I know that the Area Chairman are there to show the new material and answer questions. We are working to make the system work better and save time to that end, there is a Donation link on this page and you have to remember that a $5.00 Donation is $5, $10.00 is $10 and so on. This has been a request by many of the Brothers at different Seminars and it took a while, but it is here. If you have not attended a Seminar or would like material to help with the Campaign, You should contact Lois at the Brotherhood Fund in Grand Lodge. As a reminder, The Grand Master has heard from some Brothers stating that they were ill or a family member needed help and no one from the Lodge contacted them. The answer is simple, have a relative or family member contact the Brothers Lodge Secretary and inform him, I am a Secretary of my Lodge and I would not know if a Brother needs help unless someone calls me. Once a Secretary or Master is notified he will direct the call to the proper channels.

Thank you in advance for your Donation, if you are able and understand if you can’t.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Bruce Testut Chairman

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