My Brothers ...

Next week our nation will pause to celebrate Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th observed) and a few weeks after that Flag Day (June 14th). As Americans and as Freemasons, we are forever indebted to our military men and women and the veterans of all our uniformed services for all that they have sacrificed and have given of themselves to protect and defend the liberties we all enjoy every single moment of every day.

Patriotism is a privilege ingrained in every Mason ... and it is indeed a privilege and obligation for us to nurture as was well as to enjoy as citizens of this great nation. As Masons it is even more significant ... PATRIOTISM is defined in our Masonic Compact as a hallmark of our fraternity and is part of our way of life as Masons ... not just on holidays, but every day.

We as Masons must never forget those who made the supreme sacrifice and gave their lives and fortunes in support of our nation ... from the Minutemen at Lexington, to the rag tag army at Valley Forge, and in more than fifty military conflicts since, right up to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I ask you to join me as we proudly reaffirm our pledge as Freemasons that we shall support all the men and women who are presently serving in our military forces in this ongoing war against terrorism and those who have served our nation in the past ... our Veterans.

My Brothers, on Memorial Day and on Flag Day, fly your American Flag! It is a privilege we enjoy and we must remember that it was earned by the blood, sweat, toil and tears of so many. Remind your family and loved ones that when you see a man or woman in uniform, or one who is wearing a Veteran's pin or poppy, we should pause and say "Thank you!"

Gail and I and our Deputy Grand Master, RW Bill Thomas and Susan, and our entire elected and appointed Grand Line send our warmest wishes to you and those you love. We pray that the Great Architect will continue to watch over you and be gracious to you and Bless you and your loved ones. God Bless our military men and women past and present, our first responders, and God Bless our Masonic fraternity and the United States of America.

With warmest fraternal regards,
M:.W:. James E. Sullivan
Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York

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