“The Builders” is a group of three stained glass windows depicting Solomon, Hiram, and Hiram King of Tyre. The original windows are all located in the Tomkins Memorial Chapel located on the grounds of the Masonic Home, in Utica, New York.

The King Solomon window was commissioned by Kane Lodge #454 of New York City and was the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany. It was commissioned in honor of M.·. W.·. Joseph Edwards Simmons, and is therefore known as the Simmons Memorial Window.

Hiram Abiff was designed by Brother Charles Snell, a member of Alma Lodge #728 of New York City. It is in memory of M.·. W.·. John Stewart.

Hiram King of Tyre was commissioned by the Staff of M.·. W.·.Townsend Scudder, and is also the work of the Tiffany Studios. The scene depicts First Kings, Chapter 9, verse 11.